Take a look at some of my logo designs!  

Iconic Gamer

Project Description

This project is a style guide which dictates the certain standards at which a company logo is to be used. The style guide refers to certain color associations as well as stylized fonts. The guide also displays how the logo is to be presented and the color at which it is to be displayed in. Alterations to the logo are noted and shown in examples presented by the style guide to prevent purchasers of the product from veering from the original design. The style guide includes a number of products such as clothing, shipping, and marketing to insure the company is presented properly. 

About the Company

Iconic Gamer is a fictional AAA video game developer. The company creates First Person Shooter games so the logo utilizes a bullet within its design to indicate the genre of games they develop.


Light It Up

About the Company

Light It Up is a company that provides specialty lighting for events such as parties, weddings, and holidays. The company largely does Christmas lighting for houses and shopping centers. The provide installation of the lights as well as take down when the holiday season comes to a close. The logo design is meant to convey the major focus of the company and articulate the services they provide through its imagery.

The Logo Design

Being that this company's largest season is the holiday season, I decided to use the imagery of a pine tree do to its association with Christmas. The illustration of a light bulb is incorporated to better visually indicate the purpose of the company. 


One of a Kind Yard Care

About the Company

One Of A Kind Yard Care is a yard work service that is stationed in Concord California. The company has provided years of faithful service to a number of households and businesses. They do regular maintenance of yard care such as lawn mowing, bush and tree pruning , and during the Fall season, they provide clean up of leaves. The logo’s design is to convey the beauty that nature provides and the maintenance it sometimes requires.

The Logo Design

For this company I used a vibrant green to convey the beauty of nature. I used the imagery of leaves and grass to accent what the company name indicates.


Site Content

About the Company

About Face is a new company that is still in the beginning phases of planning and is a living space program designed to help struggling veterans rehabilitate into society after war. Many of our veterans suffer from a number of psychological conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder and end up turning to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope. About Face provides a sober living space to help veterans who are trying to find their place in the world after experiencing the traumas of war. The logo was design to signify the sense of pride that should come from serving our nation and convey a sense of hope for the future. No veteran should ever feel defeated or weak for suffering from PTSD and the logo shows the veterans that they are still valued.

The Logo Design

About face is a military term that requires the soldier to complete a 180 degree turn. In this logo I used the imagery of a soldier with his gun up and one with his gun lowered indicating the fight is over. I used the camouflage and the American flag to indicate the soldier at war and at home.