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My Experience

I graduated from Cal State East Bay University with a major in graphic design. Since then I have been mainly doing freelance design work as well as working as a server at the Maria Maria restaurant in Walnut Creek. I've designed logos, invitations, party tags, tattoos, instructional illustrations, etc. 

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My Skillset

I possess a keen eye for detail and quality, which I use to create interesting art work that is visually enticing. I know the value of hard work, time management, team work, and communication. I excel at problem solving and often teach myself new things to further develop my abilities and expand my creative perspective. I enjoy being amongst fellow artists and am always willing to learn from other’s creative work and techniques. I work well with others and enjoy being apart of a team. 


My Passions

Aside from work I enjoy playing organized softball, exercising, drawing/creating personal projects, and most of all, gaming with my buddies from high school. Gaming has been the main way we've stayed in contact since graduation in 2007. I'm hoping to work in the industry and to see my name in the end credits of a AAA game some day.

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Are you not finding the answers to your questions here? Are you interested in finding out more about how my skills and experience can help you? 

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Kelsey Musulman

(925) 301-5101

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